10 Ways to Have An Awesome Property in Ohio

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Little by little, we are easing our way into spring here in Ohio. With that, we are getting more rain, less cold stuff, and a little more temperate temperatures. Spring is truly the time where our plants are coming alive and when fresh beginnings are happening.
It’s also when we need to start reevaluating our properties for what our landscapes could use for the coming year. Anything from maintenance and seasonal cleaning up to bigger projects like hardscaping and new outdoor living spaces – Make sure your yard gets some spring love!

Seasonal Cleanup

Clearing away the leftovers from a hard winter is where our spring yard journey begins. Often, our landscapes are left with all sorts of “goodies” post-winter – branches, leaves, and mold. Wait, mold?!?!

Unfortunately, if you have seen hidden amongst the piles of leaves and detritus some grey and pinkish stuff, you may have dreaded snow mold. Any kind of mold is a bad mold for your yard and your health.

The best way to rid yourself of these dangers and leave your landscape free to begin the real work is to clear away all the debris lying about. Cleanups aren’t just for interior spring anymore!

Weed Control

You may have also noticed some different weeds popping up around your property, and yuck! We want to get rid of those as soon as possible before they can spread farther and wider.

Your particular kind of grass, landscape, and hardscape will be highly dependent on how different types of weed control will best serve your property. What type of weed control you implement also can be determined by how bad the weed problem is – or whether you are thinking ahead of the game.


Since all growth begins in the soil, it is vastly important that all the crucial things get into the soil to feed the plants and grasses properly.
The three most important items these things need to grow are nutrients, water, and sunshine. The most effective way to get those items to the roots is a direct path.

Aeration is the best and most direct method to feed your plants and grasses exactly what they need. By creating small holes in the soil, you’re providing a direct roadmap for precious water, sun’s rays, and all the great nutrients to make their way directly to the root of where they need to be.


Inevitably, the winter’s cold will often kill off some of your plants and grasses, no matter how much prep work you were able to complete in the fall. Now that spring has sprung, you likely have noticed some patches in your landscape that could use some filling in.

Overseeding, once you’ve aerated, allows some of the excess space in the soil leftover from the bitter cold to be filled with new grasses. The other fantastic thing about overseeding is filling up the spaces that weeds would love to occupy, not allowing them the space to grow.


Remember those important nutrients we brought up? A great way to get those nutrients is using a good fertilizer. It encourages the growth of your plants and your grasses by providing all the nutrients that can’t be garnished from water and the sun.

The benefits number quite a few of good fertilizer. Not only is it a great food for your lawn, they often today carry weed preventatives, nutrients that discourage disease and act as a measure of pest control for your yard space.


Yep, one of the hallmarks to winter actually being over and spring finally beginning is hearing that distinctive sound of a particular motor: the lawnmower. Starting your spring season with mowing is not something that should be done in full swing.

Mowing at the beginning of spring should be taken with care and only after certain criteria are met. How often and how long you should cut the grass will change as the season continues and transitions to summer.


Mulching can be an enjoyable, creative, and helpful way to serve your garden and lawns well. There is a wide variety of materials you may opt for to use to mulch, including organic and non-organic components.

The right mulch will help your plants and lawn thrive this spring. Mulch helps with weed control, retaining the right amount of moisture in the soil, and protects the soil from compacting too much throughout the growing season.

Patios and Walkways

Giving your yard new hardscaping components like a revamped patio or newly created walkway is a great way to give your property a whole new look for spring. Creating new pathways for people to walk on to protect your grasses and soil will keep them looking fresh. Giving your patio new materials will freshen up the space and increase your property value too!

Outdoor Living Spaces

Do you want another new and vibrant way to increase your property value, your neighborhood influence, and your entertaining cred? Let us help you design and install a new outdoor living space.

We could go on and on about the advantages of outdoor living spaces. Extending the square footage of your home by bringing the inside to your yard is just the beginning. How about expanding your space for entertaining and relaxation? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

Fire Pits

Let’s take your reimagined yard space just that one step further. Envision a cool spring evening, stars covering the sky in a symphony of lights. The soft crackling and glow of a lovely fire, keeping you warm as you lounge with your glass of wine or engage in a spirited and lively ghost story session with your closest friends. Welcome to your brand new fire pit, friend.

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