Protect Your Lawn by Removing Excess Thatch

Protect Your Lawn by Removing Excess Thatch

Choose Greenscapes Lawncare, LLC for dethatching services in Delaware, OH

Over time, roots and grass blades will build up between your grass and soil. This is known as thatch. If it's allowed to grow wildly, it can put your lawn at risk of serious issues. When you need dethatching services, turn to Greenscapes Lawncare, LLC in Delaware, OH. If your lawn has started to feel lumpy, you should reach out to our landscaping company. We'll make sure your lawn is protected from overgrown thatch.

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What happens if thatch gets overgrown?

Overgrown thatch isn't just a cosmetic issue. Left unchecked, it can cause:
  • An increase in pests
  • Reduced grass moisture
  • Fungus problems
It's a good idea to get dethatching services before any of these issues can affect your lawn. As your landscaping company, we'll recommend services to keep your grass lush and healthy. If you have any questions about our services, call us today at 614-477-1631.