Superior Excavation Solutions in Lewis Center, Powell, Galena, and their surrounding areas.

What do our excavation services include?

We begin by doing a walkthrough and assessing your property’s needs. Our team uses skid loaders and mini excavators for grading and resloping at both commercial and residential properties. We can also complete smaller scale foundation projects for residential basements.

What is grading and resloping?

Grading is the process of moving or removing dirt to create either a more level base or a slope needed for your specific property. Resloping involves altering the shape and slope of the earth on your property to better direct water flow.

What are the benefits of grading and resloping?

Your plant life will thrive.

Excess water run-off can cause your plants and lawn many issues. This can lead to erosion and wash-out on your property. Some areas may be overwatered, while others do not receive all the hydration necessary for proper growth. These types of issues can ruin your lawn. It may be soggy in some areas and dead in others. When your grass and plants get the proper amount of water, your lawn and landscape will flourish!

They improve health and safety conditions.

If you have standing water on your property, it can cause you some problems. This draws disease-carrying insects to your space, and it can make your time outdoors quite unpleasant and dangerous too! Grading and resloping can prevent pools of standing water from forming so the insects will stay away!

They increase property value.

If you are thinking of selling your home, you should do all the necessary repairs and maintenance before placing your home on the market. Sloping and regrading can direct the water where it needs to go in your landscape and, more importantly, away from your foundation! People are less likely to purchase a home if issues from run-off are occurring.

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Why choose the Revolution team?

Our team is licensed and insured.

For excavation work, you need a qualified team, or major property damage can occur. The problem needs to be solved quickly and efficiently, or further damage will occur. For this reason, hiring a licensed, insured, and competent team is essential.

Customer service is our top priority.

Excavation work can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! We carefully walk our clients through the process and remain responsive! We understand that communication is crucial, and we make the process hassle-free from start to end!

We keep improving!

Our owner, Erik Welch, is passionate about staying current with industry standards. He attends frequent classes to continue to better himself, his team, and his services offered.

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Here at Revolution, we are more than just mowing! Besides the excavation solutions listed above, our other services include landscaping, hardscaping, lawn care, lawn maintenance, drainage work, snow, and ice management. We offer quality outdoor solutions to commercial and residential properties in Lewis Center, Powell, Galena, OH, and their surrounding areas.