Question: How often do you mow?

Answer: We mow weekly or bi-weekly depending on your preference.

Question: What happens if inclement weather prevents you from mowing?

Answer: If the weather permits us to mow within the following three days for weekly clients or within the following six days for bi-weekly clients we will mow then. Otherwise we will skip that week and resume mowing on the next scheduled day.

Question: Will I have to pay for the lawn service if you don’t do the work?

Answer: No. In any situation that we don’t actually do the work you will not need to pay.

Question: How often will I need to pay?

Answer: Payment is due after we complete the service. We will not provide the next service until the previous service is paid.

Question: What methods of payment do you accept?

Answer: We currently only accept payment by credit card. You can log in to our client portal and add your credit card to your account. Once your credit card is added to your account we will be able to charge your credit card for the service each time.

Or, if you prefer, you can make one time payments by clicking on the personalized link provided in the invoice you receive from us.

Question: When will my credit card be charged?

Answer: We will charge your credit card for the agreed upon amount on the day after we provide the service.

Question: What areas do you provide lawn care service?

Answer: We are based in Derby, KS but also provide services to Wichita, Mulvane, Haysville, Rose Hill, Andover, and Clearwater.