High-Quality Hardscaping in Lewis Center, Powell, Galena, and their surrounding areas.

What do our hardscaping services include?

We offer comprehensive hardscaping services that can upgrade the look and function of your property. For each of these services, we offer custom designs, installations, repairs, and maintenance. They include patios, pavers, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, fire pits, and outdoor living spaces. We can also clean and seal your patio if that is a service you require.

What are the benefits of hardscaping services?

They increase the property value.

Whether you invest in a single service or some combination of the ones mentioned above, hardscaping is a smart investment. Whenever you upgrade your outdoor space, the value of your property increases. Hardscaping can make the process of selling your home even easier for this reason. A stylish outdoor space also gets attention from people looking to purchase your home potentially. It might even become the deciding factor in choosing your property or not!

They combine style and function.

While all of our hardscaping services add to the aesthetic of your property, they also are functional! Patios, fire pits, and outdoor living spaces provide a new area for entertaining or spending time outdoors. New walkways and driveways can improve the safety conditions for those navigating your property. Retaining walls can be a stylish solution to repair an erosion issue.

You’ll spend even more time outdoors.

Once you enhance your outdoor living space, you will find yourself automatically spending more time in the great outdoors. And you won’t even have to travel to get there! Being around plants and fresh air more often have many documented health benefits, including improving your mood and stress levels! For this reason, hardscaping services may improve the quality of life and your property too!

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Why choose Revolution?

Our team is licensed and insured.

For hardscaping work, this is especially important. Unlicensed companies may lack the knowledge of proper protocols and cause damage. This costs more time and money to repair. We possess specialty certifications for these services to ensure the finest quality.

Customer service is our top priority.

We strive to be responsive and professional at all times consistently. We enjoy working together to develop custom designs to meet the individual needs of our clients.

We keep improving!

Our owner, Erik Welch, never wants to stop learning about the industry! He often takes new courses and educates his team to remain current with the industry’s ever-changing standards.

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Here at Revolution, we are more than just mowing! Besides the hardscaping services listed above, our other outdoor solutions include lawn maintenance, lawn care, landscaping, excavation, drainage work, snow, and ice management. We proudly service the residents and business owners of Lewis Center, Powell, Galena, OH, and their surrounding areas.