It’s Electric! The Perfect Fence for Fido

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Your precocious pooch has escaped out of your yard – again. This is time-number-you-lost-count in the last week that Fifi has taken off. You have a wood fence that they jump over because it isn’t quite tall enough. You have a wire fence that they dug underneath or has a handy hole they can get through. Or you don’t have a fence because MAN! are those things EXPENSIVE!

Whatever your reasoning, you’ve decided to look into electric dog fencing as your next-level option. We always recommend you do research when choosing how to invest in your property – and even more so when investing in your fur family. We are glad you’re starting here!

Can You See It? No? AWESOME!

There are so many beautiful properties in our area with picturesque backdrops. Our area is rich in natural beauty. Being able to sit on your porch and enjoy where you’ve made your home is priceless – especially if the view isn’t impeded by unsightly fencing.

One of the most wonderful parts of electric dog fencing is that it’s buried underground. That’s right. You don’t have some weird, ugly wires stretched across your property. The wires that create the electric boundary to keep your dog safely inside are buried a few inches underground, with the transmitters usually kept in out-of-the-way places like your garage.

Money Saver Rescue

Fencing can be costly, no matter the size or material. And with some of our furry friends, it won’t work anyway. Some dogs figure out how to jailbreak out of physical barriers. This would make fencing for this purpose a costly endeavor.

Electric fences can save your landscape from damage that your pups can inflict. They can save you from putting up expensive fences. An electric fence can save you more than money can pay for – the loss of your best friend.

Bumpy, Lumpy Landscape? No Sweat!

Many of our area’s landscapes aren’t perfectly flat – they are properties with curves. Your property may have hills and valleys, rolling and serene. While this adds natural beauty to your property, it can wreck any plans to put up that picket fence.

Because you bury the wire of your electric fence, the terrain doesn’t matter. Whether it’s flat as a pancake or replicas of the hills of San Francisco, your electric fence will work in whatever landscape you want it to.

Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain

Part of what we typically research when choosing to use a new product is the ease of use, as well as what the maintenance will be in the long run. We don’t want to get frustrated with a product we just got because it’s difficult to understand its use.

We also don’t want something that we are going to have to maintain, where the maintenance is daily routinely – that’s what our pets are for! Luckily, the electric fence that keeps them safe is super easy to get started, and maintaining it takes almost no energy on your part.

Protect the Pup Who Protects You

Let’s face it, the only reason you’re considering getting an electric fence is that your best friend is curious about the world beyond your home’s borders – and that curiosity can lead to lost pups. The last thing any of us want is to lose our best furry friend.

Our dogs are often our best protectors. They protect our children, our homes, and our families. We need to make sure that we’re doing all we can to protect them just as fiercely. Ensuring that they don’t meet an untimely end outside of your home’s boundaries is the perfect job for a well-established electric fence.

Options to Suit Just About Every dog

The truth is that dogs are just as unique and individual as the humans who care for them, which means that their needs will be as unique and individual as they are. It’s essential to thoroughly research and choose an electric fence and collar device that will work best for your dog and your home life.

Fortunately, we have many different styles of electric fences to choose from that can suit just about every need. From our very simple setup to complex setups that include smart programs for your phones, we’ve got just the right electric fence for you and your dog.

No Time Flat!

Having a traditional fence put up or even putting one up yourself can be an incredibly time-consuming process. Picking the right material, setting up the posts, and putting it all together for the entirety of your property can take what feels like a million years. Meanwhile, your dog remains unsafe in your yard space.

An electric fence takes so little time to set up. The install process takes less than a day to do. Once a small trench is dug for the wire and the wire is buried, you can mount the receiver in a simple space like your garage.

They Work. They REALLY work.

Surprisingly, electric fences are incredibly versatile as well. They work well with traditional fences in creating an appropriate boundary, one that’s both visible and invisible to keep your dog exactly where you need him to be. Plus, if you ever decide to relocate your home, the electric fence can move with you!

Often, once your dog is trained to utilize the electric fence appropriately, you’re able to take them off their collar, and they know well at that point where the boundaries are established.

Who Let the Pros Out???

While Greenscapes Lawn Care may seem an unorthodox choice for electric fence installation for your pooch, they are the right choice. We know landscaping and where the best spots to set the perimeter for the fence are. We love our fur family and translate this love into a fierce desire to protect them.

We offer a variety of solutions for your electric fence, including basic service to high-tech service that includes smartphone apps with a variety of alerts for your pup, including tracking, battery alerts, and more. The Greenscapes team is ready to upgrade your property today!

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