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What do our lawn care services include?

Consistent lawn maintenance alone is not always enough to keep your grass healthy. Sometimes additional services are required to make sure your lawn gets everything it needs! The idea isn’t just for your grass to be surviving. We want it to be thriving! We offer several service options that fall under the category of lawn care. Let’s take a closer look at each of these services!

The Thrive Program

When weeds take over, the results can be catastrophic. They can steal the nutrients from your desired plant life. Weed control is essential to a healthy lawn and landscape, as are fertilizer applications. These restore nutrients to your soil and plants.

The Thrive Five

This five application package includes:
Round 1 – Weed and Crab Grass Control
Round 2 – Preemergent Weed Control
Round 3 – Fertilizer Applications
Round 4 – Weed Control
Round 5 – Fertilizer Applications and Winterization

Extra Thrive
We have the additional option of the above services mentioned, plus:
– Bonus fertilizer application
– Bonus Grub Control
– Free Spot Spraying (ALL weeds, ALL year long, satisfaction guarantee!)

Aeration and Overseeding

When compaction damages your soil, the results can be devastating! Compaction occurs when the soil particles become clumped together and harden. Soon the necessary nutrients and water cannot reach your soil, and your lawn begins to die. Your soil can easily become compacted from extra activity and foot traffic on your lawn.

Aeration and overseeding can counteract the devastating damage caused by compaction. The process of aeration involves removing soil plugs from your lawn. The plugs breakdown and bring nutrients back to the lawn. More importantly, these small holes create spaces where air, water, and nutrients can once again access your soil and grassroots. Once this process is complete, it sets the stage for overseeding by providing the perfect conditions to help the new seeds thrive! If you notice bare patches of grass, dead patches, puddles of water, or areas with hardened soil, these are all signs of soil compaction.


Just like other living organisms, your lawn cannot survive on water alone! It needs nutrients to survive and thrive. Applying fertilizer is the best way to restore these required nutrients. This process helps your lawn to be healthier and grow better. As compared to the expense of bringing your lawn back to life, fertilizer is also a pretty cost-effective option that can prevent tons of damage to your grass.

Weed Control

It is inconvenient when weeds show up on your property. The appearance of unwanted plant life can easily ruin the look of your lawn. The worst part is that they pose a significant threat to your grass and plants. Weeds spread rapidly and eradicating them can be quite challenging. Once they take over, they steal nutrients, water, and sunlight, ultimately harming your desired plant life. Our preemergent lawn applications can prevent weeds from starting their hostile takeover. If they have already arrived, our post-emergent lawn applications forge ahead in the battle for your turf!

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We are more than just mowing! Besides the lawn care services listed above, we offer many additional outdoor solutions such as lawn maintenance, snow and ice management, landscaping, hardscaping, excavation, and drainage work. We are proud to serve residents in Lewis Center, Powell, Galena, OH, and their surrounding areas.