Lawn Maintenance

Premium Quality Lawn Maintenance in Lewis Center, Powell, Galena, and their surrounding areas.

What do lawn maintenance services include?

A perfectly maintained lawn is a lovely sight to behold. First, our services begin with the necessary mowing and trimming to ensure that your grass is cut to the optimal height. Next, we add the finishing touches that make your lawn stand out. We use edging techniques to create a clean line between your lawn and the sidewalk or landscape. Finally, we blow off all hard surfaces so that grass clippings do not create a messy look. These last steps give your property a pristine appearance!

The Revolution Luxury Lawn Experience

This package ensures the health and vitality of your lawn!

What do we include?

  • Lawn Maintenance – On a weekly basis we will mow and trim your lawn to its optimal height. Then we will blow off all hard surfaces to perfect the look of your property. (26-30 mows per year)
  • Optional Inclusion of the Thrive Program – This combination of services allows your lawn to reach its healthiest state. Strong, thick grass is less susceptible to pests and disease. Our team can help your lawn reach its full potential.

What are the benefits of lawn maintenance?

It increases your property value.

Believe it or not, a perfectly manicured lawn can make selling your home even easier. It can raise your property value by up to 7% and catch potential buyers’ attention in the area. If you are not interested in selling, lawn maintenance simply helps your property look its absolute best. A pristine property makes the space more inviting. While this is a perk for residential properties, it is a much more significant benefit for commercial spaces. A neat-looking property can send more customers your way!

It keeps your lawn healthy.

Everyone wants their lawn to look great, but looks aren’t everything. When your grass is cut to the proper height consistently, it will get healthy and stronger. When harsh weather conditions, diseases, or pests show up on your lawn, your grass will be better able to defend itself. Regular mowing also can deter pests from your property.

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Planning for your lawn maintenance? Consider this:

Time is valuable!

Life is busy, and it can be challenging to fit consistent lawn maintenance into your routine. If you make a mistake because you are not used to taking care of your grass, you will need more time to fix it! Hiring professionals can give you time back for recreation while still giving you the results you desire.

Hire a trustworthy team.

If a DIY project isn’t in the cards for you right now, that is okay! Just remember to hire a reputable team to handle your lawn maintenance. Selecting a company with great reviews is one way to guarantee quality results without any headaches or hassles!

Why choose the Revolution team?

We are licensed and insured.

Sadly, this is not always the case in the green industry! Inexperienced people can damage your property or deliver less than favorable results. When you hire the experts, the proof is in the results. Ours speak for themselves!

We are dedicated to customer service.

Our team is always responsive to customers and holds reliability as a core value. We also love supporting our customers and finding ways to customize their projects.

We are always getting better!

Our owner, Erik Welch, is dedicated to professionalism and progress. He is never satisfied with settling. He continues to attend courses to expand his knowledgebase and stay up to date with the current standards in his field.

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