Let’s Breakdown the Power of Power Washing

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Revolution Landscape and Design is continually working to offer the best solutions in keeping your outdoor living spaces perfect – growing, improving, healthy, green, and clean. Adding services that will keep our name on the tip of your tongue is something we are highly motivated to do – and we are super excited to be offering new pressure washing services to our esteemed customers! Our washing service will be determined based on the type of surfaces needing cleaning.

I’m confused: there is more than one type of pressure wash?

When perusing Amazon or Home Depot for pressure washers, most folks tend to get a little bit of sticker shock at the price of good quality pressure washers – and may be confused about the different vernacular they notice. (If you aren’t getting sticker shock, it’s not a high-quality piece of equipment that is going to benefit your home.)

There are distinct differences between pressure and power washing – and then there is the awesomeness that is soft washing. Not everyone understands the importance of the differences between the three and what surfaces are best for each.

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing is probably what you’re most familiar with. Combining incredibly high pressure and clean, cool water, a pressure washer can tackle various cleaning tasks outside your home. One of the benefits all three types of washing share is the ability to cover large areas, getting rid of unwanted gunk.

When we say gunk, we mean the really gross stuff. The unsightly things like dirt and grime are great to get thoroughly cleaned off. But what about mold, mildew, and stuff that works hard to deteriorate your surfaces, even the hardiest ones? That’s the kind of thing pressure washing handles best.

What is power washing?

Take all that above and throw some heat on top of it, and you have power washing. Power washing is not interchangeable with pressure washing as it is more powerful, but also more dangerous and limited on the surfaces it can clean.

When something REALLY needs the clean, and the surface is a safe one for power washing, turning up the heat on cleaning is sometimes the best solution. We typically don’t wash our dishes in cold water, right? The same principle works for power washing.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is pressure washing turned down some notches. While power washing is only for the sturdiest of surfaces, pressure washing can still pose risks of damage to some because the pressure is so very high.

Soft washing can present a great solution when the surface you seek to clean is a little more fragile and the materials a little less stable. The power of a soft wash is still considerably more than elbow grease can do, but less risk of damaging the surfaces you are seeking to sparkle.

So different surfaces need different washes?

Do you throw your dishes into the washing machine? What about your couch? Can you fit that into your dishwasher? Of course not! So why should these ridiculous rules apply to the outside surfaces of your home? And we aren’t just talking about the physical outside of your home – we are talking about patios, walkways, driveways, decks, fences, roofs, and more.

What surfaces can be power washed is not the same as those that can be pressure washed, which is not the same as those that can use soft washing. Determining what can use each can be tricky – and something you definitely cannot get wrong.

    What surfaces are the best pressure washed?

    Of the three methods, pressure washing is often the most versatile in what it can clean the best. Without the heat, but still, with high pressure, pressure washing can tackle a huge variety of jobs.

    Some of the most common surfaces to clean via pressure washing are most home exteriors that are comprised of vinyl, wood, and cement. Depending on your roof’s material, pressure washing can make a difference on roofs made of asphalt shingles. Most dirt and grime will be blown away with a good pressure wash.

    What surfaces are the best power washed?

    If you are a DIYer, power washing is outside the scope of what you can do. The dangers that are presented with this type of washing are best left to professionals only. There are several benefits to incorporating heat into pressure washing to make it power washing, however. This works especially well on certain surfaces.

    The surfaces that have the bad stuff stick on hardest are fortunately some of the more hardy surfaces that can withstand the power and heat of a power wash. Brick and concrete are often more susceptible to things like mold and therefore need a little extra, like the heat that can sanitize the area.

    What surfaces are best soft-washed?

    Although lesser-known and a little newer technique, soft washing might be even more versatile than pressure washing. The variety of surfaces that can benefit from soft washing are nearly limitless. While still high pressured enough to need the hands of a pro, the lesser pressure of soft washing can tackle jobs that may not withstand pressure or power washing.

    Soft washing means you can expand the horizons of what can be deep cleaned around your property. Anything from screen enclosures to fencing to outdoor furnishings, as well as the regulars like siding of all kinds, wood decks, and any type of roof, is a job for a good soft wash.

    This sounds difficult, costly, and timely. Can I get a hand?

    As we said, if you’re surfing the web, and finding cheap equipment, trust us when we say it will not do the job you want to get done. The proper equipment for these tasks is costly and dangerous. These tasks require skilled professionals to operate appropriate equipment to get the job done.

    Here at Revolution, we use only the highest quality equipment and skills to deliver only the highest quality work and customer experience. Our pleasure is providing you with the best solutions to all your property’s projects!

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