Lewis Center

Exceptional Lawn Maintenance, Lawn Care, and Hardscaping in Lewis Center, OH and its surrounding areas.

Lewis Center is located to the east of the Olentangy River, across from Powell. It was founded in 1850. At the time, the railroad system was continuing to expand. William L. Lewis, a prominent community member, gave his land to the railroad in exchange for the naming rights to the town. Today, Lewis Center is home to almost 31,000 people and has some of the country’s lowest crime ratings. For this reason, Lewis Center is a great place to raise a family.

What are some of the services we offer in Lewis Center?

Lawn Maintenance

A perfect lawn can improve the overall look of your property! It can also improve the health of your grass. This service includes mowing, trimming, and edging. When we are done, we will blow off all your hard surfaces to leave your property looking so neat that your neighbors will notice!

Lawn Care

If mowing isn’t enough to give you a luscious lawn, we’ve still got some tricks up our sleeves! Services such as aeration and overseeding can fight the effects of soil compaction so that your grassroots and new seeds get the necessary air, water, and nutrients to survive. Fertilization and weed control can further ensure nutrients are provided and that weeds don’t steal them!


When it comes to customizing and upgrading your property, the possibilities are endless! We can install patios, walkways, outdoor living spaces, retaining walls, and more!


When it comes to upgrading the style of your property, our landscaping services have you covered! We can add color, texture, and height to make the look of your landscape more dynamic. Once the design and installation are complete, we can maintain it too! We can plant perennials and annuals, apply mulch, install flowerbeds, and complete the necessary pruning.

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Why choose Revolution for your Lewis Center property?

We are licensed and insured.

You can relax knowing the job will be done well by qualified professionals. Our goal is to give our clients a stress-free experience.

We are dedicated to raising the standards of professionalism in our industry.

You can count on us to be reliable! We keep our appointments and come on time. As for the results, they speak for themselves.

We are dedicated to customer service.

Our clients are our top priority. For this reason, we are always attentive to their needs. We love working closely with our clients to create customized designs just for them!

We are always improving!

Erik Welch, our owner, understands the value of education! He continues to attend classes regularly to ensure he keeps his staff and services up to date with the current industry standards!

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The Revolution team is proud to provide a variety of outdoor solutions to Lewis Center residents and its surrounding areas, including Powell and Galena. In addition to the services listed above, we also offer excavation, drainage work, and snow/ice management. We are more than mowing!