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Powell has a rich history chocked full of Native American culture. Before it was settled, it was home to many Native Americans, including the Ottawa, Wyandot, Eerie, Mingo, Shawnee, Huron, Miami tribes. It was settled in 1801 but was originally known as Middlebury. As a subtle nod to the city’s history, you can find many streets, buildings, and complexes with Middlebury in their titles. Today, Powell is populated by over 13,000 people. The city is actually ranked 15th on the list of 50 Best Places to Live in America. It is a wonderful place to live and work!

What are some of the services we offer in Powell?

Lawn Maintenance

If you are thinking of selling your home, consider investing in lawn maintenance services! They can raise your property value and get your home the attention it deserves from potential buyers! Lawn maintenance improves the health of your grass too. This service includes trimming, mowing, and edging. Afterward, we will blow off the hard surfaces for the neatest possible result.

Lawn Care

The perfect lawn may require a little more than basic maintenance. Additional services are sometimes required. Aeration and overseeding can reverse the effects of soil compaction to help your grassroots get the needed water, air, and nutrients to survive. Fertilization and weed control can restore nutrients while ensuring that weeds don’t steal them from your desired plant life!


Ready to upgrade your property with custom solutions? We have various options for you! We can install walkways, patios, retaining walls, outdoor living spaces, and more!


When it comes to adding style, texture, color, and height, overall, landscaping services are the solution! After the design and installation, we offer maintenance services to keep your landscape looking its best. We can apply mulch, plant perennials and annuals, prune, trim, and install flowerbeds.

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Reliability is one of our core values. As a result, you can expect us to be on time and ready to work with a professional attitude at each of our appointments.

We are passionate about customer service.

We appreciate our clients and want them to know it! We will also be responsive and help you find the perfect custom solution for your individual needs!

We are always improving!

Erik Welch, the owner, deeply values education. He always attends new classes to ensure he stays up to date on the most effective, cutting-edge techniques in the field.

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The Revolution team has a variety of innovative outdoor solutions for the residents of Powell and its surrounding areas, such as Lewis Center and Galena. Besides the services listed above, we also provide drainage work, excavation, and snow/ice management. We are more than mowing!