Retaining Wall Vs. Seating Wall – We’re Weighing In!

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You’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your landscape with something completely new. You want something that exhibits beauty and functionality – and makes your property value skyrocket! 

A retaining or a seating wall is a great choice to accommodate your wishes. You’ve got loads of variety in materials to choose from, and you have great designs in mind that would work with your landscape. 

So, now the question is: retaining wall or seating wall? Let’s examine both to see what your best option is!

Benefits of a Retaining Wall

Retaining walls serve pretty specific purposes. While they can look great, retaining walls are mainly used for function. 

Erase Erosion

Everyone’s yard is unique, covered in little – or sometimes big – hills and valleys, as it follows the lay of the land, it sits on. This means over time, erosion of your soil due to the elements is a natural and dangerous occurrence. 

Causing terrible looking holes and bare spots as well as landslides of soil into your foundation, erosion can end up costing you considerably. Erosion is also the number one reason why retaining walls are a wise investment.

Runoff Water

As we mentioned, you can’t control the elements and weather patterns – nor how much rain falls from the sky. However, you can control how much runoff water gets to your home and the rest of your landscape. 

A retaining wall can help prevent expensive flooding of your home, foundation, patios, and more by avoiding water runoff.

Establish Your Boundaries

There could be several reasons why a fence might not be effective as a boundary of your property lines. Even if a fence doesn’t work for you, establishing those boundaries is essential for your peace of mind. 

A retaining wall can be a clean boundary to help establish your property line. While it assists in water runoff and preventing erosion, it can also serve as an essential and attractive barrier.

Benefits of a Seating Wall

While retaining walls serve very important functions, seating walls are essential for a different style of functionality. 

Furniture – Less is More

Bulky and expensive patio furniture can sometimes become overwhelming. While you need plenty of seating out on your gorgeous patio for all your summertime entertaining, you don’t want to have to purchase loads of furniture. 

Seating walls can be outfitted with lovely pillows, fit organically into your existing landscape, and give your guests the perfect seating, right around the crackling fire of your fire pit. 

Spacious Space

The other downfall of having to purchase patio furniture galore is trying to fit it all onto your patio space. It can be a challenging endeavor when you are trying to prevent your space from looking cluttered and messy.

When you can eliminate some of the furniture you need to purchase, you’re leaving yourself space for other fun stuff. Fire pits, gazebos, and outdoor kitchens all go wonderfully with a seating wall and make your space look and feel open and functional.

Show Off Exterior Decorating Skills

From choosing what material to use for it, to its height, to whether you will decorate your wall with pillows or plants, your seating wall offers endless possibilities to allow you to show off some mad design skills. 

Creating a space that works for relaxation weekends and summertime parties takes a lot of foresight. When you choose to install a seating wall to give yourself a lounge spot and your guests a place to play, you want to be able to look at it with pride, knowing you outfitted the wall perfectly. 

Finding Commonality

While we have covered the finer points of the perks of both retaining walls and seating walls, you may still be having a difficult time choosing. Great news! Both wall types share some serious benefits, so you can rest assured that no matter your choice, it’s the right one.

Alluring Aesthetics

Both a retaining and seating wall can be made of materials that add beauty to your landscape. They give your outdoor living space a very clean and manicured look. With so many choices of materials that you can use for either, choosing your aesthetic can be lots of fun!

A common material to use for both is a gorgeous natural stone. This gives your wall a very textured and layered look, with a plethora of colors. Natural stone is also often a cost-effective choice that is strong enough to function as both a retaining and seating wall.

Minimize Maintenance

Without making sure that there isn’t too much water runoff, erosion, or outdoor furniture to clean and care for, having a retaining or seating wall can save you a great deal of time and energy in maintenance. 

Most retaining walls can be easily maintained with pressure washing and cuts back on the landscaping costs of regular lawn maintenance. Lawn furniture that is exposed to the elements regularly either needs to be replaced frequently or at the least requires lots of regular cleaning. Having a lovely retaining or seating wall checks another chore off your list!

Prop Up Property Value

Keeping your property value up for the inevitability of selling your home to another family is an integral part of homeownership. Interior remodels, additions, and upgrades are great ways to increase your property’s value. However, these are frequently very costly and may not provide as much rate of return as you may hope. 

Retaining and seating walls are often an excellent way to increase your home’s value from the outside. In fact, things like outdoor kitchens, retaining or seating walls, and landscape design can provide as much as a 15% increase in property value! 

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